OnLink is an incredibly robust and comprehensive platform for golf course and sports turf operations. Superintendents and turf managers who collect data across their operation love having everything in one place so that they can use it intelligently and efficiently. But the last thing they want to have to do is watch the data all the time to understand when a decision or action is required. Being tied to a program in that way would be counterproductive to saving time in our fast paced and busy environment.

The Thresholds and Alerts feature of OnLink solves that problem. Want to know when 80% humidity is reached? Set that threshold and get a text message when that condition is met. Want to know when you’ve consumed x gallons of water over a period of time, set that threshold and get a text. Want to know when you are at 75% of your overtime budget for the month? Set a threshold and get a text. Want to know when green speed reaches a high or low?  Set the thresholds and get an alert. Want to know when you are low on a critical part in inventory? Set a threshold and get notified. It couldn’t be easier to make the system work for you.

For more information on setting Thresholds and Alerts, please contact our support team or schedule a demo here.