The Power of OnLink Reporting

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Industries from A to Z are gathering data today as a key management tool. An increasing percentage of advertisements seen on television broadcasts are related to some sort of data collection company or approach. From weather to supply chains to shipping/transportation to healthcare to professional sports to advertising itself….data is a powerful tool in understanding one’s [...]

Thresholds and Alerts – The Real Power of OnLink

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OnLink is an incredibly robust and comprehensive platform for golf course and sports turf operations. Superintendents and turf managers who collect data across their operation love having everything in one place so that they can use it intelligently and efficiently. But the last thing they want to have to do is watch the data all the [...]

Product Features & Updates

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OnLink is the only platform that brings all major golf or sports turf operations data into one place for convenience, quick correlations, threshold alerts, and meaningful reports.  Please note the following upgrades that were recently implemented and released to all users. Onlink Mobile App The OnLink mobile app offers the ability to make edits or monitor [...]

John Deere Golf and OnLink Collaborate on Fleet Management Software

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John Deere Golf and OnLink Introduce OnEquip Cary, N.C. (December 5, 2017) – John Deere Golf and industry leading golf course performance optimization software company, OnLink (formerly OnGolf USA), introduce OnEquip. With OnEquip, golf courses can now integrate equipment fleet data into OnLink’s performance optimization platform for a comprehensive picture of course performance. The new OnEquip [...]

Managing Course Costs with OnLink’s Golf Software

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The costs associated with managing and maintaining a golf course can be astronomical, especially if you don’t carefully monitor your budget throughout the year. In fact, in a recent survey distributed in 2016 by Golf Course Industry, it was found that “the average non-capital operations budget is increasing from $697,000 to $750,000.” These numbers are relatively [...]