The costs associated with managing and maintaining a golf course can be astronomical, especially if you don’t carefully monitor your budget throughout the year. In fact, in a recent survey distributed in 2016 by Golf Course Industry, it was found that “the average non-capital operations budget is increasing from $697,000 to $750,000.” These numbers are relatively low when compared to some of the largest and most popular golf courses in the country. As such, saving money at every turn is essential to ensure that your golf course remains profitable year after year.

In order to easily and efficiently monitor your golf course expenses, you need an all-inclusive suite of golf course maintenance tools to make tracking the most important data effortless. That’s why, in today’s blog, we will talk about a few of the ways that OnLink can help you monitor your golf course’s spending to increase your yearly revenue while also improving playing conditions for your customers. To learn more about how OnLink can save your golf course a considerable amount of money, continue reading more below.

Manage Water Costs

According to the same survey conducted by Golf Course Industry, golf courses spend on average around $22,800 annually for irrigation, which is a rather small expense considering that golf courses in the Southwest can pay around six figures in irrigation costs alone. Since the cost of water is one of the largest expenses for golf courses, it is important to have quantifiable data to help make your watering decisions easier throughout the year. That’s why OnLink’s golf software features a convenient water flow and transfer tool that measures humidity, wind and forecasted rainfall.

Using OnLink’s intuitive water management tool allows users to reduce or increase their water usage based on predicted weather and optimal playing conditions. OnLink users can also have custom budgetary alerts sent to their smart device that will inform users as they approach their maximum allotted irrigation budget. Not only will this create the most stable playing conditions for your customers, but it will also help you reduce the overall costs associated with maintaining a golf course.

Monitor Equipment Repairs

Keeping your golf course maintained involves using a fleet of vehicles to mow and cultivate specific areas of your course. The cost of fuel alone stands out as one of the top expenses for golf courses around the country. Luckily, OnLink’s golf software has taken this into account, and has created OnEquip, a fleet management tool that monitors the current condition of your fleet of maintenance vehicles. By using OnEquip, you can see which maintenance vehicles you are using most, as well as the vehicles that are costing your business money from sitting in storage.

Not only does OnEquip manage the productivity of your fleet, it also has automated features that adjust your parts inventory as soon as a part is used during a repair. With OnLink, you will never have to be faced with surprise when one of your vehicles needs to be repaired, as our OnEquip tool sends custom alerts letting you know when it is time to order more parts for your inventory.

Nutrient Management

A major factor in determining the overall health and playability of your course’s grass lies in the soil beneath your golf course. Adding too little of one nutrient can be detrimental to health of your grass, while adding too much of your fertilizer of choice can cause your golf course’s grass to have difficulty absorbing water. As you can see, soil management involves a large amount of hands-on work to provide customers with the best playing conditions possible.

OnLink’s playability tool makes it easier than ever to see how your soil treatment is affecting playing conditions throughout each season. OnLink’s intuitive golf software even helps you create nutrient recipes which can be stored and modified until they are perfected. With OnLink, golf course management is no longer a guessing game, but a calculated method for providing your customers with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

If you would like to learn more about OnLink, OnGolf’s revolutionary golf course maintenance software, contact our team of professionals today. However, if you are ready to take the next step in drastically improving your golf course oversight, visit our website now to request your free demo. We look forward to working with you!