What started as one of the first programs offering turf management at Penn State in 1929 has since turned into an industry of highly specialized work. Requiring specific knowledge on green speed, and a well-versed background in a wide variety of nutrients and fertilizers, turf management involves an attention to detail that few careers require. However, with advancements in technology comes the ability to formulate specific care plans designed to offer the best playability for paying customers.

Throughout today’s blog, we will discuss some of the ways technology has helped to improve golf course soil and nutrient conditions while giving those with a career in turf management the tools they need to make course maintenance decisions with pinpoint accuracy. To learn why you should consider using OnLink for all of your golf course management needs, read more on the topic below.

A Brief History of Turf Management

Traditionally, those studying turf management learned how to properly care for turf during every season. This involved being taught how to maintain shaded turf, decrease the rate of turf wear, and how to improve water absorption for different types of soils. While these are all necessary pieces of information worth learning, technology has since made turf management a career where quantifiable data is of utmost importance.

OnLink’s playability tool, for instance, takes any and all guessing out of the equation, and instead uses moisture levels of your soil, seasonal weather patterns, and a history of your course’s watering levels to build a highly specific nutrient recipe that maintains consistent playability throughout every season. Golf course superintendents can even browse OnLink’s library of pre-populated nutrient products to make best practice decisions when caring for their turf.

Precise Weather Forecasts

In the past, weather forecasts provided a general sense of upcoming playing conditions, which those in turf management had to adapt to on the fly. Now, however, it has never been easier to monitor weather conditions, humidity levels, and projected precipitation from one intuitive screen. Not only can this help those in turf management monitor soil moisture levels, it also allows users to make precise adjustments to their golf course’s watering schedule so that their turf is not receiving too much or too little water. This is just one of the many ways that OnLink’s suite of golf course maintenance tools can help to make golf course management a breeze.

While golf course maintenance requires a fine attention to detail, it is now easier than ever to maintain optimal playing conditions with a cutting-edge toolkit designed to improve your golf course’s profitability and playability. Never play the guessing game again with OnLink, OnGolf’s leading performance management system.

To learn more about the full capabilities of our premier golf software, simply visit our website now. With a library of tutorial videos and a team of friendly experts to guide you as you become familiar with OnLink, we are confident that OnLink will forever change the way you manage your golf course. Contact us today to schedule your free demo!