Weather has a tremendous impact on every aspect of managing a golf course. From staffing and maintenance to playing conditions and revenue planning.

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Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. (None of us can.) But now you can outthink it. That’s why we are very excited to announce our new partnership with The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

In speaking with OnLink customers, we heard loud and clear that weather influences have an enormous impact on business. So, it was important that we integrate weather intelligence. And, not just any weather — we turned to a real “pro.” In working with The Weather Company, which was acquired for $6.5B by IBM earlier this year, we can offer our customers the world’s most precise and accurate weather data available today. And from a company that supports mission-critical decisions of leading organizations in virtually every industry — from aviation to media, energy, transportation, insurance and retail.

When you combine this superior weather with the cognitive computing power of IBM, the result is an invaluable resource for golf course management — and a distinct competitive advantage for you.

Our new and improved OnLink 2.0 version — with integrated weather management — will be available for current customers and the entire golf industry on October 24.
Here’s what that means for you and your course:

Greater accuracy in weather forecasting — and greater trust that you’re making the best decisions where weather is concerned

The ability to correlate weather intelligence with other operational issues, such as soil, pesticide and nutrient management

Significant savings in labor costs, and water and chemical spending

Improved playing conditions — and increased player loyalty and retention

We are very excited to have The Weather Company as our partner as we get ready to launch our next generation solution. The Weather Company brings a level of data science that our industry has never before experienced, and OnLink customers will be the beneficiaries of this.

Rob Berglund, GM of Energy at The Weather Company, agrees. “OnLink makes weather come to life, and they are taking the golf industry by storm with a market-leading platform driven by predictive analytics. Data is their differentiator, and they know how to turn that data into better business outcomes for their courses.”

OnLink and superior weather? Sounds like a gimme to us.