Onsite Needs OnLabor:

  • Power source for a Display TV and the Computing Device
  • Wifi or hard-wired internet at the TV site for the Computer
  • Internet source needs to be 5mbps speed or faster. With slower speeds the programs will work but require more time to complete each process.


TV Specifications + Recommendations: $300 +

  • OnLink requires a 55 inch or larger big screen TV with HDMI ports to support your computer.
  • It is advised not to purchase a Smart TV with the expectation of using the built in Web Browser. Our program requires Google Chrome as the web browser.
  • No certain brand is required.

Computing Device: $125-$250

  • We require that you use a Computer attached to a the large TV display, we have found the most cost effective to be a Google Chrome Box
  • These can be purchased online at Amazon.com or in your local Best Buy/electronics store.
  • If you already have a laptop computer that can be set up to display on the TV (using HDMI or a Chromecast) that will suffice, this needs to be a computer dedicated to the display alone.

Chrome Box Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: $60

  • To use the Google Chrome Box, it is best to have a dedicated wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • These can be purchased together or separate from Amazon.com or your local Best Buy/electronics store.

No certain brand is required.

Onsite Needs OnEquip:

  • Internet Access, either hardwired for computer or Wifi
  • Computer terminal
  • 1-2 Tablets (Android or Apple) depending on team size with internet access (if computer is hardwired we recommending getting iPads with cellular connectivity so that they are also useful if mechanics need to take them into the field for repairs).
  • Terminals or stands for tablets