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Peak Performance Management & Happy 2019!

Hi Everyone and Happy 2019! Whether it’s a favorite sports team or player, or you’re a weekend warrior fitness competitor, performance metrics have been rapidly improving results in sports, health and numerous industries over the last decade. Professional and amateur athletes use software apps and wearable sensors to determine optimal nutrition, hydration, training, and rest so that they are in peak condition for game or event day. Over time, benchmarks are created by organizations and entire industries to determine what constitutes excellent, average, and poor performance. In business, key performance metrics management on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis can make the difference in profitability, sustainability and having happy, recurring customers. OnLink is excited about the direction of our operating platform in 2019, and will be introducing our performance optimization solution, OnPerform this spring. We all know that aggregation of numerous data sources can be overwhelming, and often of little value. However, comprehensive reporting with logical performance metrics can lead to real values, and to significant operating efficiencies. OnPerform will analyze course costs and playing conditions data, present clear metrics, and report new benchmarking for an organization, and ultimately the industry. In the interim, OnLink users will receive free upgrades for their [...]

The Power of OnLink Reporting

Industries from A to Z are gathering data today as a key management tool. An increasing percentage of advertisements seen on television broadcasts are related to some sort of data collection company or approach. From weather to supply chains to shipping/transportation to healthcare to professional sports to advertising itself….data is a powerful tool in understanding one’s business. However, it’s not the data itself that is useful. It’s rather the metrics, analytics, and reporting that come from the data that moves the needle in efficiencies and economic benefits. Making sense of the numbers through meaningful and real time reporting is critical to leveraging today’s technology. OnLink is built around reports that will allow turf professionals to understand their operations in a deeper way. Every module of OnLink – OnWeather, OnLabor, OnApply, OnEquip and OnWater – produces applicable and enlightening reports in that area of operation. Further, our OnAnalytics 6-month rolling report provides a snapshot of line-item and total costs of operations, playing conditions data, and corresponding influencing factors (typically weather). OnLink users can pull an annual OnLabor report on actual labor costs by job categories. This report could help justify and sell a bunker renovation program for example. Want to know [...]

Scott’s Corner: Tradition Meets Technology

Golf is a game of traditions. It has effectively been played the same way since its growing popularity in the UK and the US late in the 19th century (it was actually founded in Scotland in the 15th century). 18 holes.  Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Tees, fairways, greens, and hazards. Play the ball as it lies. Some of my favorite traditions include the dress code, unmatched camaraderie, self-governing rules, courtesies given opponents during competition, and a beer after the round. And given that I know I think differently than my 21-year-old twin sons, I get an incredible charge when they remove their caps and shake my hand when we finish a round together. What could be better than that? I hope that one carries on forever. But don’t be fooled. While golf often gets criticized for falling behind, technology has been enhancing the game since its inception and remains critical to its future both from a participant and spectator point of view. Just consider putting Old Tom Morris in a time machine and entering him into the 1960 Masters or doing the same with Bobby Jones in the 2018 Open Championship at Carnoustie. In either case, how could they [...]

Scott’s Corner: Golf in China – Will it Ever Reach its Potential?

China is a fascinating place….the history, the population, the geography, the culture, the politics, the food….if you’ve been there, you know that everything is completely different from our world in the west. I made my first trip to China in 2003 and my last of over 20 visits in 2015, and the changes I saw in that relatively brief time were staggering. I recall the airport in Nanning having gates with plywood doors and padlocks, and of course very little security. Beijing’s airport at the time was not much more advanced. Fast forward five short years to the hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympics, and Beijing’s new Terminal 3 was world-class, state-of-the-art, and big enough to encompass all five terminals of London Heathrow under one roof. As China’s economy experienced incredible and well-documented growth, small cities seemed to sprout up from nowhere. Industries exploded. Countless multi-millionaires were born. It really didn’t seem like a communist society.  Fortunately for our industry, golf became the sport of choice for the growing elite. Nearly 600 courses would be built in a relatively short period of time, and as President of Gary Player Design, I wanted to join the party. Of course, as both [...]

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Weather affects every industry…..transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, distribution….just to name a few. Recognizing countless business solution opportunities, mega company IBM bought the Weather Company, including Weather Underground, in early 2016. The Weather Company is now a subsidiary of IBM’s Watson and Cloud Platform Business Unit. OnLink is proud to call The Weather Company a partner. Our clients have to watch the weather constantly, and they have come to rely on the accuracy of our data from The Weather Company. Watch this video to learn more.

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