One of our missions at OnLink is to make golf course management less expensive and more efficient at every level while improving playing conditions. That’s a pretty broad statement and it also sounds like a tall order to deliver. The good news for the golf course industry is that technology, in its many forms, is finally arriving. Similar to all of our smart phones and tablets’ operating platform (iOS, Android), OnLink is making all of this information easy to use and valuable in terms of course performance-optimized playing conditions and operating more efficiently. How efficient? Since implementing our first platform eight months ago we helped our initial golf course customers reduce operating costs by over $700,000. OnLink integrates all course hardware and software into one place providing actionable analytics that lead to performance improvements and cost reductions. The resulting benefit is widespread to the superintendent, club manager, course owner and, most importantly, the golfers who enjoy a better playing experience.

We at OnLink are acutely aware budgeting is one of the most critically important aspects for any club. From premiere club courses operating at the highest level that need to assure budget efficiencies are met, to courses with lower budgets that need to do more with less, OnLink’s streamlined platform has proven successful in maximizing budgets. The common denominator for any golf course to run successfully is utilizing the budget to improve the playing experience.

OnLink’s subscribers have adopted the practice of making decisions based on factual insights from their course data. They’ve seen this data transform into a critical guide for managing turf health, playing conditions and operating costs. Main features of the platform include water management, health indicators, playing conditions indicators and labor management. This management solution proved successful in overall savings over the past several months for our subscribers from California to Pennsylvania, just in time for budgeting for their 2016 season.
Our initial subscribers included courses with a variety of budgetary ranges, as well as vastly diverse environmental factors with weather and water conditions and labor challenges. These courses are prominent examples of actual dollars saved through use of OnLink’s solutions. With hundreds of thousands of dollars saved, these superintendents know firsthand what a difference insight and actionable analytics can make.

Savings come from a few key areas. Shawn Emerson, Director of Agronomy at Desert Mountain Club in Arizona, has seen the bulk of his savings come from water this year. “Our commitment to producing premium level playing conditions day in and day out is bolstered by OnLink’s system, which allows us to manage both the costs and the variables. We’ve been able to overhaul our system for watering, saving thousands of dollar by not overwatering and, more importantly, watering where it’s needed,” he said. Other notable areas of savings involve labor and chemical/nutrient applications. It’s knowing where to put your money and your time. Matt Weitz at the Vaquero Club in Texas did a side-by-side comparison of his annual budget and realized he was way ahead of where he was last year – with worse weather conditions to combat. Matt told us, “Now that we’re operating off the same page with this data, there’s less guesswork when it comes to the budget. It’s helped us save money, and that knowledge gives us the leverage to up our game, redistributing the budget in ways that will translate to optimal conditions that our membership expects.” In this case, knowledge translates to maximing operating efficiencies and raising the bar of playing conditions quality.

The insights these courses gained are actively influencing decisions moving forward, and specifically shedding light (and additional dollars) on budgets for the next fiscal year. The comprehensive platform allows everyone from superintendents, to managers, to board members and owners to understand where the money is going – and where it is most needed when it comes to re-allocating budgets and leaving room for other line items to grow. As you set out to make your 2016 budget, consider the bigger picture and what will happen when all your course data comes together to help you manage in the most cost effective way. Visit our website and sign up for a 30- minute web demo at

Happy Budgeting!