Version 2.0 Feature Values

Enhanced Data Views

  • Macro view of entire course including weather, 80%+ of key course costs, agronomics and playing conditions
  • Sorting by; Data category, course locational, and time snapshots
  • Overview of data and glance-able insights to costs, health, weather and playing conditions
  • Detailed views automatically display current conditions compared to historical conditions

Course & Organization Hierarchy

  • Multiple Course Managers by company organization, e.g., CEO, VP Ops, VP Agronomy, Regional Managers, Course staff
  • Facility/Course Managers, e.g., Board, General Manager, Green Committee
  • Course specific, e.g., Director, Superintendent, Assistants, Dept. Heads

Powerful New Reporting

  • Predefined operational and agronomic reports. App displayed as PDF with sharing capabilities and web able to export agronomic and operational reports as PDF’s or spreadsheets.

Threshold Alerts

  • Threshold text or email alerts make the data actionable
  • Alerts can be set with multiple data sets. Examples: Humidity, air temp, soil moisture and temperature. Or… Labor, overtime and falling humidity levels.


  • 35% more accurate 15 day forecasting than competitive services. More relevant data captured leading to greater accuracy
  • 15 critical weather measurements that impact all agronomic and operating practices